How much gold should a level 5 character have?

At the beginning of level 5, they should have approximately 700 gold each and, at the end, 3000 gold each, so they win a total of about 2300 gold units. The amount of gold you earn is not the same on each level, as you level up, the amount of wealth you accumulate will increase. This usually gives you access to everything that appears in the player's manual with a gold price, although your DM may decide that certain things aren't available. For whatever reason, the average barda class gets more gold when they launch than their initial package is worth, usually about 25 pieces of gold.

However, it is important to note that reporting a gold sale may be necessary in order to accurately track and manage your accumulated wealth. To help players understand the nuances of gold investing, we recommend consulting our Gold Investing Guide for more information. Usually, in the fifth edition, taking the initial gold is a mathematically unwise bet, but there are some exceptions and occasions when the best thing for you is to go for your gold. One option to determine your starting gold is to search for a gold reserve and use it to buy your initial equipment. Other funds, such as the Clan Craftsman or the Far Traveler, start with jewelry or gems in addition to their gold bag. The official rules are that you can choose between a random amount of initial gold or the initial gold and the equipment of your environment and class.

One of the most common misconceptions I see when creating characters in the 5e is that players think that they get a random amount of initial gold and equipment from their environment and class to gain the wealth of their character, but in reality it's a choice. Once you understand the role played by early gold and magical items in DnD, you can start considering alternatives. Most things appear on gold coins (abbreviated gp), but there are a lot of coins in dungeons and dragons. If you play with an advanced character from the start of the campaign, the Dungeon Master Manual rules for starting gold for higher levels of the 5E are fine.

Remember that if you're trying to figure out how many gold pieces you should add to your character sheet, you should always contact your DM.